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Go on, treat your lady bits!

A vajacial is ALMOST exactly what you might think it is- it’s a facial for your bikini area. (Not for your vagina).

The treatment takes 45 minutes and is not applied to any internal areas, so you don’t have to worry about your pH balance being disrupted.

What to expect during the treatment?
Your luxurious vajacial experience begins with a bikini wax (this step is omitted if you are currently undergoing laser hair removal).

Steam is then applied to loosen any ingrown hairs, dirt or blockages in the skin and is followed by an extraction of the in growns from the vulva or pubic area.

Our 4 step depigmenting BRYGHT ® treatment is then applied to the area resulting in a refreshed and brightened appearance. (Have a look at our Bryght® page for more information on this treatment).

A brightening hydro jelly mask will be applied to soothe the skin and draw out any deep blockages or embedded in growns. This will also soothe any redness or irritation that might occur following the waxing process.

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