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Massage Treatments

We Offer the Following Massages:

Deep Tissue
A facet of sports and remedial massage therapy- this massage uses a deep pressure to reach the deeper-seated muscles of the body and release tension and break up knots.

Ideal for athletes, gym goers and bodies under a massive amount of strain it is best known for its ability to relieve muscle spasm, knots and alleviate muscle pain.

This is a customized massage treatment according to the clients needs.

Long stretching movements are combined with the use of essential oils which are then absorbed into the bloodstream, providing long lasting effects.

For treatments that work more on a psychological and emotional level, aromatherapy massage can alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety and assists with reducing insomnia and depression and has a general balancing effect on the body.

Lava Stone
Lava stone, otherwise known as hot stone massage, is a wonderful choice for loosening the body’s joints and muscles, as its warmth can alleviate stiffness and tension. An excellent treatment for people suffering from diseases like arthritis and lupus.

CBD Massage
CBD massage is a proven medical treatment for pain relief and induces a deep sense of relaxation. The use of cannabidiol dulls the pain receptors within the body as we combine the benefits of nature with advanced stretching massage techniques. It is often used for clients suffering from chronic diseases.

This is an ancient ayurvedic massage that makes use of hot oil and focuses on the head, neck and shoulder area. It is perfect for rejuvenation and leaves your mind and body feeling revitalized.

Lomi Lomi
A lighthearted massage with dancelike movements.

This treatment is perfect for general relaxation and stress relief. It incorporates slow stretching techniques that can trigger the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, putting the body into a state of rest.

This is a wonderful treatment option for anyone who finds it difficult to relax.

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Ameliore massage treatments Ameliore massage treatments Ameliore massage treatments