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Bryght® Treatment

Bryght® Depigmenting Treatment

bryght treatment

A 2 in 1 treatment that combines the use of an antioxidant rich brightening complex made up of natural active ingredients together with an LED wand making it the ultimate treatment for hyperpigmentation..

With continued use, it targets discoloration to enhance overall skin appearance returning it to its natural tone without the risk of ‘removing’ pigment, or causing the skin to over-lighten beyond its natural tone. If you’re struggling with hyperpigmentation specifically in the intimate areas then Bryght® is the treatment for you.

What makes Bryght® unique?
Bryght is safe to be used ANYWHERE on the body.
Lab tested.
Cruelty free.
100% Vegan.
All natural.

The treatment explained:

Step 1 – Cleanse
Gently remove any traces of dirt, creams, lotions or oils that are found on the skin, while naturally preparing the skin to better absorb steps 2-4. Contains spearmint to refresh, cool and soothe the skin.

Step 2– Exfoliate & Red Light.
To prep, polish and refine the skin revealing a more even looking skin tone.
Red light improves circulation, reduces inflammation and sun damage and opens the pores to increase product penetration.

Step 3 – Brighten & Green Light.
The brygthen complex will treat and prevent hyperpigmentation with it’s unique combination of indian gooseberry, licorice, lemon, mulberry and bearberry leaf extracts to luminate and reveal your natural skin tone. New skin cells coming to the surface will have less melanin resulting in continued lightening.
Green light promotes oxygen and micro-circulation in the skin, dilutes pigmentation, targets the melanocytes to bryghten the skin.

Step 4 – Finishing Lotion & Blue Light.
The concentrated finishing lotion will lock in and set steps 1-3 while also soothing, hydrating, protecting and cooling the skin. By keeping the skin temperature down it will further inhibit melanin production to increase lyghtening effects for longer lasting results.
Blue light cools the skin and shrinks pores.

Which areas can be treated with Bryght®?
Bryght ® is safe to use on ANY part of the body.

Areas most commonly treated:
Face & neck.
Bikini area.
Inner thighs.

How often should you have this treatment done?
Bryght® is able to provide results after just 1 treatment however we do recommend 4 sessions done 1-2 weeks apart.

How to maintain your BRYGHT® results:
Maintain with the 2-step BryghtenUP homecare.
Ditch your razor- rather opt for waxing or laser hair removal.
Exfoliate regularly.
Use an aluminium free deodorant.

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